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Point-7 Salt Pro 5.0m



The Salt Pro has been revised for the new season, using the success of previous models as a base before implementing input from the P7 team, with Josep Pons heading up development. Fundamentally, the Dacron luff panel is said to have been calibrated for each size, making the larger sizes feel more reactive, with better upwind capabilities, and the smaller sizes more comfortable. The Salt also comes in two distinct colour ways for 2020, providing more than a simple visual difference. The standard black version uses a 2mil x-ply in its upper panels, said to provide a more forgiving nature, whereas the new yellow version uses standard yellow x-ply, making the sail more reactive and precise in nature. Both incorporate a 5mil monofilm window for optimum visibility, surrounded by clear x-ply panels for durability and finished with a 5mil UV-resistant x-ply foot panel for extra resistance during impacts. The batten pockets alternate either side of the sail, using x-ply along their length for reduced weight and stretch, and the overall finish of the sail clean and functional.


Price: £528.00





“The Salt is the Point-7 all-out performance orientated four batten wave sail. Fast riding on the waves, quick to respond in new school wave sailing moves, and ultra-light in your hands. A pure new school wave sail.”



Rigged on a 100% Black Prime 400cm mast, the luff length increment provided is 401cm, whilst a 4cm extension is suggested to provide extra play. We actually even went beyond that when testing, going up to as much as 8cm extension, such is the tuning range available. When sheathing the mast up the luff sleeve, take extra care in locating the male head cap into the top of the mast before applying downhaul tension, to save yourself time and frustration! When applying downhaul, the Salt’s mid-leech falls away quickly whilst the upper leech remains relatively taut, its looseness masked in part by the large mini-batten. There’s plenty of luff curve in the sail’s leading edge, forcing a good deal of shape into the draft, whilst the two lower battens retain rotation around the mast. On the water the Salt was liked by all that tried it. Light and balanced in the hands, the power comes from a high forward position, its punchy delivery softened by the stretch in the luff sleeve and large Dacron luff panel. Once the pressure builds and the draft reaches its elastic limit, the response from the sail’s high skin tension takes over, providing crisp, precise handling and inspiring the rider to explore its manoeuvre potential. It has a short boom length and high clew eyelet position, making it feel small and throw around for a 5.0m, yet providing direct contact with the power generated. Fast and efficient on the way out, it feels compact and controllable at all times, the breathability of the Dacron helping the sail to cushion impacts whilst dancing over sharp chop. On the wave the Salt provides masses of useable drive through the bottom turn, whilst always remaining controllable. And at the critical moment, it has a more of an on-off nature than we recall of its predecessor, the Dacron panel permitting the lungs of the sail to exhale and become light and easy for manoeuvre. As the wind increases, the use of the lower clew eyelet adjusts the boom angle and encourages the rider into a more compact stance, and if required the downhaul tension can be increased to extend upper-panel twist without the demise of the sail’s forward profile. Lively and active, yet controllable at all times, the Salt provides the power and balance to make the most of all coastal environments.



Powerful yet compact in nature; precise in handling yet forgiving and controllable at all times, the Salt has an expansive natural and tuning range, and at this price represents exceptional value for money.



Size: 5.0m
Luff: 401cm
Boom: 158cm
Battens: 4
Ideal Mast: Point-7 400 RDM
Available Sizes: 3.3, 3.7, 4.0, 4.2, 4.5, 4.7, 5.0, 5.3, 5.6