Goya Airbolt Pro 2021

Single Foil

The Airbolt Pro range is the perfect solution for any bump & jump/wave/freestyle oriented windsurfer looking to increase their water time.

The Airbolt Pro marks a new direction in wind foiling, bringing the feeling of rail-to-rail wave sailing and high wind bump & jump to those ‘average’ days where the conditions at your local spot are marginal. Using our crossover knowledge and feedback from R&D with Surf foiling – we have created a board range that introduces a new sensation to Windsurf Foiling.

The Airbolt Pro’s key design feature comes from mast track: foil box placement, delivering the industry’s most direct feeling from the sail to the foil for increased control and maximum responsiveness. The mast track is placed further back then traditional boards and the foil boxes are placed further forward than standard windfoil boards – more like surf, SUP, and wing boards. This allows a swifter and more controlled change in direction and acceleration while carving on swells, wind-chop, or small waves – and the ability to ride much smaller sails and foils in the same wind range.

The larger sizes are easy to learn on while the smaller sizes provide the maneuverability and responsiveness you’d expect from your favorite wave or bump & jump board.

The length and width of the boards are designed to provide a stable and lively platform. Long enough that you can slog in light winds effortlessly, but short enough to reduce the swing weight when flying.

The bottom shape is crucial to any foil board, and every success from our surf foil line has been factored into the Airbolt. From the nose through the mid-section the Air Bolt is designed for maximum rebound when you inevitably touch down to the water. The back of the board incorporates a rocker line and planing surface similar to our race/freerace/freestyle program to ensure easy glide for early flight. Volume flow has been optimized gradually to the rear of the boards to increase stability in the lightest of breezes.

Footstrap and foil box positions offer a variety of options depending on the level and type of foiling you want.

Outboard/inboard foot strap options provide comfort for cruising or control for new-school foil freestyle maneuvers on the smaller models.

The boards feature both track and foil box attachment systems. The track allows you to precisely balance your foil/sail/stance for perfect pressure while the foil box accommodates a variety of different foils setups.

Pro Full Carbon Deck Construction
Available in 105, 120, 155 liters.
105: Track Boxes (2x US box)
120, 155: Track Boxes (2x US box) & Deep Tuttle Box
Honey Yellow on Baby Blue.
RRP £1096.00, Now Just £1499.00


Goya Airbolt Carbon Foil Board

Key Features

Bottom Shape & Cut-Outs - From the nose through the mid-section, the Airbolt is designed with deeper concaves and rail bevels for a maximum rebound when they inevitably touch down hap-pens. The back of the board incorporates a rocker line and planing surface similar to our racing boards with the cut-outs of our KT pure foiling line to ensure an early glide and touch-less flights.

Volume Distribution - Volume flow is placed towards the rear of the board to in-crease stability and early take-off in the lightest of breezes.

Footstrap Inserts - The Airbolt offers a variety of footstrap insert options depending on the style of foiling that you are doing, seamlessly transitioning between Freeride or Freerace, Wing, SUP, or even Surf foiling in a single session

Foil Boxes - The boards feature longer track and foil box attachment systems. The track allows you to precisely balance your foil for perfect pressure, while the foil box accommodates all Tuttle options.

Pad - Custom deck pad to accommodate all the uses.

Mini Handle - New comfortable yet reduced bottom handle right in front of the foil

Leash Plug - Ideal for Wing or Surf Foil option.

Compatibility - Designed around the MFC Helios foil range and no-cam freeride, freestyle, and wave sails. Considerable attention and plenty of testing hours was also spent with the different foils and multiple styles of foiling to ensure our mounting options and foot strap positions will work across the widest variety of styles, sizes and foils. The Airbolt range is the perfect way to increase your water time and bring together all the foiling sports into one.

Additional insert and foil options make the Airbolt Carbon the most versatile foilboard on the market:

Windfoil Freeride/Freerace Inserts: Front outboard option. Back outboard rear option. Foil: DTT or track 3/4 back of track.
Windfoil Beginner Inserts Option a): No straps. Option b): Front mid-dle or outboard option. No back strap. Foil: DTT or track 1/2 back of track.
Windfoil Bump & Jump, Wave, Foil style Inserts: Front inboard, or middle option. Back center option. Foil: 3/4 - 1/4 of track.
Wing Beginner Inserts: Front most forward option, inboard strap. Foil: 1/2 front of track.
Wing Intermediate/Advanced Inserts: Front inboard option. Back outboard forward or center options. Foil: 1/2 front of track. Sup Inserts: Front inboard option. No back strap. Foil: 1/2 front of track.