Point-7 Carbon Pro Extension

A carbon extension needs to offer the right stiffness to match the luff curve of the rig and not just the idea of a lighter product against aluminum. The Point-7 extensions are based on a very simple indestructible system that is quick and simple to use and allows for effortless downhaul.

The new pulley and cleat system are attached directly onto the aluminum tubing, with no crossing lines. The pulleys being perfectly in line with the sail pulleys, allows the rope to thread through a simple and logic loop. With the oversized rollers and free rope from the cleat, the downhaul efforts are reduced to the absolute minimum.

The extension tubes are made with strong a strong grade carbon and are available in lengths of 28cm/44 cm with adjustment increments for every 2cm. The extensions can be sailed at the full 28cm or 44cm extension heights and are supplied with the original Marlow 3.8mm Formuline rope






Point-7 Carbon Pro Extension