MFC Helios Alu Windsurf Foil Complete

The Helios has been designed to fast track riders way into windsurf foiling, this is achieved through efficient wing designed and versatility in the gear suiting whatever conditions are thrown at you. Compatible with the MFC Hydros foil ever increasing the possible uses for this foil.

Following the development of the MFC HYDROS, the new MFC HELIOS is a Windsurfing, WING & SUP modular hydrofoil, plug and play design, that allows interchangeable wings between both MFC foils. Fly the new HELIOS and you’ll be able to increase your range of flights by using the different MFC HYDROS wings.

The Helios front wings are designed to be stable and fly at low speeds, perfect for your first time foiling, be it wind, wing, SUP, or surf. The mid aspect profile allows them to glide at a steady height effortlessly and achieve higher top speeds. Yet it still maintains an agile outline for banking carves and manoeuvres, satisfying the demands of our top riders on Maui in the most extreme conditions. Depending on the Helios/Hydros components they are matched with, riders of all levels depending on the conditions will love using the Helios front wings.

RRP From £1262.00


MFC Helios Alu Windsurf Foil

MFC Helios Alu Pack

MFC Helios Mast 80 Aluminium

Helios Fuselage 69/76

Helios FW1250/1440/1800

Helios BW300

Shims: Zero / One.five / Two.five

Wing Size Choice

Turn average conditions into epic flying with the Helios! Takeoff & fly effortlessly; early lift and easy control are the key design parameters behind the Helios wings.


With the new Helios, it’s easy for any windfoiler to fly for the first time. Stable, responsive, fast, manoeuvrable and able to glide at low-speed, the MFC Helios is the ideal choice for all levels.

Traditional Boards –

  • Light Wind – FW1440 w/ 2.5 or 1.5 shim
  • Strong Wind – FW1250 w/ 2.5 or 1.5 shim
  • Adding the shims adds the appropriate amount of lift for balanced weight on both feet while flying longer freeride/freerace board s with the fixed rear-box position

Windfoil Boards –

  • Light Wind – FW1440 w/ 1.5 shim or zero shim
  • Strong Wind – FW1250 w/ 1.5 shim or zero shim
  • The early lift characteristics of the Helios wings minimizes the need for any shims on modern/shorter windfoil/sup boards using a modular track system.