Surf V2 Thruster Set

Our new Carbon Composites V2 thruster series. Developed during last winter with Kai Lenny, the V2 thruster set represents a new frontier in fin design and construction. Constant flex and a very fast profile allows for tight and fast turns on open face waves. You will notice that the center fin is slightly smaller in size then the side fins. This is your every day thruster set that will work in most conditions.


Construction - RTM Epoxy CET

Sizes - Medium, Large

Medium Sides Measurements:
> Base width: 107mm
> Hight: 113.5mm
> Surface Area: 93.36sqcm

Large Sides Measurements:
> Base width: 112mm
> Hight: 117.5mm
> Surface Area: 100.5sqcm

Center Fin Measurements:
> Base width: 110mm
> Hight: 114.5mm
> Surface Area: 91.11sqcm

V2 Thruster