Quick Release Harness Lines

QR - Innovative quick release harness lines


Point-7 Quick release harness lines


Quick Release system for emergency

In case of panic, pull the yellow QR plugs when caught under the sail, or in any emergency situation. The QR lines will immediately release from the harness straps, and set free the harness hook.



Simple to adjust on boom no tools needed

Have different QR lines lengths, and change the lengths according to who will use them in the family. If conditions change, if the same boom is used for different sail sizes, you can easily change length of the QR lines, without having to have the standard Vario- lines which wear out with time.



Less than a minute to change lengths or fix them on the boom

Not only the harness straps can be placed on the boom without taking out the back end, but to fix the QR lines to the QR straps, it takes only few seconds.


Point-7 QR harness lines


How to fix them on the boom:

Fixing your harness lines