KT Wing Drifter EPX Carbon Foil Board 2023

The KT Wing Drifter is the staff board choice when it comes to winging. Offering super stable flight, easy take off and a tough, light carbon construction the Drifter is a standout in this new winging world. The bottom shape has bevelled rails and tail along with a quad concave which aids with the release and touch down of the board allowing for maximum flight time.

Keith Teboul: “High volume, compact, all around awe-some flying. The Wing Drifter features a fuller outline for an easier paddle and increased stability when in the air.

KT Surfing signature quad concave bottom with bevelled rails for the smoothest touchdown and fastest release when foiling.

Rail shape/tuck for quick paddling and fast release to take flight.

The bigger sizes of the Wing Drifter are uncompromisingly dedicated to Wing-foiling and Sup-foiling. Its key characteristic also being a super compact build paired with a high volume and wide shape

New for the 2022/23 model is a modified deck shape for increased comfort when winging

Constant volume flow provides enough float and stability to get going with a wing or paddle, yet doesn’t feel bulky or cumbersome in flight when wanting to turn or pump.

Additional insert options for wing

Ultra Carbon Monocoque Construction.

Available in 34, 38, 42, 50, 56, 62, 72, 80, 90, 105,115, 130, 155 liters.

Futures 10.75” Fin Boxes, Comes without foil.

Available in Translucent Mint

RRP from £1299.00


KT Wing Drifter Foil Board